Catholics Online


Catholics Online brings together some of the best resources on the internet. Together, our members are reaching out to the world to evangelize and promote great Catholic content and services.

Catholics Online has personally encouraged me to be a better Catholic because I’m exposed to so much wonderful Catholic content. When members share their content, not only do I see an excellent example of each person’s unique talents but also I’m encouraged in my spiritual journey and vocation to evangelize. I’m new to building a website and blogging. Catholics Online has aided me in learning about the latest tools available and how to use them effectively. Also, members encourage and support me in my work by commenting, sharing, and making constructive suggestions. Working with Catholics Online has been enlightening and educational!

Christine Canino, Spirit of Catholic Success

I’ve only been a member of the CSMI Facebook Group for a month or two now, but in those few months I have gained dozens of new followers on my social media accounts, as well as a noticeable increase in traffic and “likes” on my posts.  Catholics Online is a great group of talented writers, artists, and small business owners who show a genuine interest in each other’s endeavors. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this special group of individuals! I’m excited to see this group continue to flourish!

Lindsay Trezza, artisan – Just Love Prints